Jennifer VanderGalienFounder and Executive Director

My life was dark, empty and limited by addiction…until one day… I was touched and transformed by God. He brought me out of the darkness I had known for so long and presented me with the true meaning of peace and fulfillment. Since then, I have not looked back. Leading by example, I desire to share this peace with others who suffer from the same emptiness I once experienced. God led me to Tanzania where I observed women in poverty and abusive situations.

Shining A Light was born. The “Women To Work” project in Arusha, Tanzania teaches health care and disease prevention classes along with money management and savings programs to assist women in caring for their families. Engaging women in combined opportunities to earn and learn, with guidance, paves the way for a lifetime of success – empowerment that can change a life, a family and a community.


Tiffany Kennon has been married to Paul for 16 years and they have 5 children and 5 grandchildren. As Jennifer’s sister, Tiffany has been with Shining A Light from its conception. Her current role is in sales and marketing of Shining A Light products. This role includes internet orders, home parties, wholesale and speaking engagements. While her interior design business is her work, Shining A Light is her passion.


Lou Haveman with his wife, Jan and family, lived for 22 years in Africa initiating nine programs in six countries. He has been self-employed working in real estate and more recently running their own “green products” export business empowering small entrepreneurs around the world. He worked with Partners Worldwide connecting successful women and men of N. America with emerging businesspeople in the developing world. His business is passionately committed to the elimination of poverty and creation of wealth, recognizing God’s vocational calling on all businesspeople of faith. Learn more at


Tom Robinson has provided financial advice to a number of charitable organizations. He is a Certified Public Accountant. Tom has been married to Sue and together they have raised 4 grown daughters.